Police K9s show off skills to Redding Veterans Home

Police K9s show off skills to Redding Veterans Home

REDDING, Calif. - On Monday afternoon three K9's and their handlers from the Redding Police Department showed off their skills.

It was  a sunny afternoon at the Redding Veterans Home as friends Ford Bishop and Charlie Craft, both 94, watched the K9's follow their handlers commands.

"To see them in the actual flesh what they are trained for, that's magnificent," said Bishop.

Bishop is an Army vet and Craft is a Navy veteran.

Leading the presentation was Redding Police officer and K9 handler Ryan Ellis.

Ellis is a veteran of the Marine Corps.

"It's nice to come out and talk with these guys, they're obviously heroes in our eyes," said Ellis.

Sharing a similar military bond is Jason Rhoades who is a military veteran.

Also handling these handling the highly trained dogs is officer Nick Weaver.

On Monday the officers showed three dogs, Carr, Taro, and Cyr following commands, even showing a demonstration of a dog attacking a potential suspect.

"I've never seen them do the biting of the arm," said Craft.

The officers took multiple questions from curious watchers but officer Ellis said Monday was a learning experience for him too.

One veteran shared his story with him.

"He said his unit during World War II had an Australian Shepard and it would notify them when artillery strikes were coming because they could hear the artillery rounds coming before the infantry guys could."

"It was a nice show and we appreciate them coming out here and showing us," said Craft and Bishop.

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