Police: Prowlers drop flat screen TV during burglary getaway

CHICO, Calif. - Two suspects were arrested early Monday morning for a burglary in Chico.  Just before 3 a.m. Chico Police were called to the 300 block of Cedar Street regarding a possible burglary in progress.  The caller reported that she believed someone was trying to break in to her home.  

Officer Steve Hogue arrived and heard the sound of glass breaking near the corner of 4th and Cedar.  Additional Officers arrived to search the area.  They found a broken flat screen television near a driveway.  They then located two men hiding in the yard.  

The men were identified as Fransisco Anguina, 23,  and Jose Mata, 21, both of Chico.  Both men were detained.  Officers located the suspect's vehicle (a blue Ford Explorer) parked nearby.  Inside the vehicle was property which had been stolen from a nearby home.  

Officers awoke the residents of the home.  They were unaware that they'd been burglarized.  They identified the property in the suspect's vehicle as being theirs.  All of the stolen property, (with the exception of the TV which the suspects had dropped when they saw the police,) was recovered and returned to the owners.  

Police said the suspects admitted that they had seen lights on in the victim's house and had knocked on the door to see if anyone was home.  If anyone had answered the door they intended to make up a name and ask for them.  When no-one answered the door in this case, they checked the door and found it unlocked.  They entered and began removing property and carrying it to their car.  

Both subjects were later booked into the Butte County Jail on charges of residential burglary and prowling.

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