Police: "The Assumption Was We Were Being Shot At."

ORLAND, Calif. - Police officers and deputies ducked for cover Sunday night when a car window suddenly shattered during a traffic stop.

"The assumption was we were being shot at," said Orland Police Sgt. Joe Vlach.  "So the first thing we had to do was take cover and get the occupants out and get them to safety."

The incident happened Sunday night around 8:30.  A Glenn County sheriff's deputy made a traffic stop on a Saturn with Oregon plates.  Police Chief J.C. Tolle said the car was driving without headlights.  The deputy pulled over the car at Eighth Street and Walker Street.  There were two women from Oregon inside the car.

During the traffic stop, two Orland Police officers and another Glenn County deputy stopped as cover officers.  Suddenly, the rear window of the car shattered.

Within minutes, patrol units from Glenn County, Orland and CHP, including one of its helicopters arrived with everyone believing they had been shot at.  The area was checked by air and officers on the ground.  Nothing out of the ordinary was found.

After things calmed down, officers were able to examine the car and could not locate anything that may have caused the rear window to shatter.  There were no bullet holes, rocks, BB's, pellets or air-soft BB's.

The cause of the window shattering remains a mystery.

The occupants of the Saturn Rebecca Stafford, age 39, and Leeanne Lamance, age 44, both of Prineville, Oregon were not injured.



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