Cummings praises Mueller pick as "a very good move"

Former FBI chief has "stellar reputation"

(CNN) - The top Democrat on the House oversight committee Friday praised the Justice Department's pick of Robert Mueller as special counsel for the Russia investigation, suggesting it was one of the few signs of hope in the chaos that has engulfed Washington this week.

"It was a very good move and I think it came at the right time," Rep. Elijah Cummings said on CNN's "New Day."

"The best thing that happened was to have someone like Mueller come in ... who has a stellar reputation for no nonsense ... to come in and say 'let's get this investigation done,'" the Maryland Democrat added later in the exchange, speaking with CNN's Chris Cuomo.

Earlier this week, Cummings expressed outrage over the President Donald Trump's conduct in the White House, saying that if Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton had won and behaved similarly, she would be impeached.

"I have a bird's eye view on all this stuff, and I look at how they treated Hillary Clinton," he said Tuesday on the "Joe Madison Show" on SiriusXM radio. "I mean, for one millionth of what has happened with Trump, they would have impeached her. I'm just telling you. They would have been going crazy. That's what makes this so egregious."

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