Michelle Obama, DNC speech

2016 DNC guide: What to watch on day 2

Democrats kicked off their convention Monday with powerful speeches delivered by Michelle Obama, Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders.

DNC Bernie supporters

Some Bernie believers still hold out hope

"We want Bernie" was the loudest cheer throughout the Wells Fargo Center as Bernie Sanders gave his much-anticipated address to the Democratic National…

Sanders, Clinton Miami debate

Camps in talks for Sanders to nominate Clinton

Representatives for Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton are in discussions for the Vermont senator to formally nominate Clinton as the Democratic presidential…

Sen Cory Booker at DNC 2

Cory Booker responds to Trump: 'I love you, Donald'

Cory Booker said Tuesday he is going to love and pray for Donald Trump after the Republican nominee attacked him on Twitter following the New Jersey senator's…

Susan Sarandon at 2016 Democratic National Convention

How Susan Sarandon became a DNC GIF

Susan Sarandon really did have the worst time Monday night at the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia.

Hillary Clinton, AC rally

'Mothers of the Movement' to make case for Hillary Clinton

The "Mothers of the Movement" -- mothers whose unarmed African-American children have been killed by law enforcement members or due to gun violence -- will…

Booker support

DNC Day 1: Full-throated support from party stars

Sen. Bernie Sanders, Sen. Elizabeth Warren, Sen. Cory Booker and first lady Michelle Obama declared undeniably their support for Hillary Clinton as the…

Hillary Clinton on cellphone

Lena Dunham, other stars team up for 'Humanity for Hillary'

Lena Dunham, Uzo Aduba and Taylor Schilling are some of the celebrities who teamed up for Humanity for Hillary, an organization working to build support for…

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