Shasta County Grand Jury report: What's Missing

New Shasta County Grand Jury sworn in

REDDING, Calif. - Shasta County's Grand Jury final report tackled seven different topics, but wasn't able to report on issues in active litigation. Among the topics:

1) The reason it took awhile to re-open a portion of the county jail (the hiring process, which jurors agreed with.)

2) The Western Shasta Resource Conservation District (more members on the board of directors would mean more diversity, more marketing and an updated website.)

3) Sugar Pine Conservation Camp (inmate labor provides great value and the recidivism rate is lower than prisons.)

4) City of Redding's gift acceptance policy (needs greater clarity.)

5) Shasta Union High School District special education adult transition program (better communication between the district and parents.)

6) Reduced utility rates for Big League Dreams (it's the contract agreed upon by both the  privately run sports park and the City of Redding.)

7) Shasta County's Audit and Finance Report (accurate and complete.)

However, Jury Foreperson Diana Sturges said jurors were blocked by ongoing litigation from issuing reports on "very interesting" subjects. She also said that the Grand Jury found local officials "honorable and hard-working."

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