Pope canonized: local pastor witnesses history

Pope canonized: local pastor witnesses history

REDDING, Calif. - Redding Pastor George Snyder is ending a whirlwind weekend, witnessing the canonization of former popes John Paul II and John the 23rd.

He called it an "overwhelming experience."

Pastor Snyder serves the congregation of St. Joseph's Catholic Church, but he was absent this weekend, instead sitting at seat 46 in the front row of a historic canonization.

He said the view of the proceedings was spectacular.

"I could see everything," Snyder said. "I could see all the cardinals and all the dignitaries from over 93 countries."

According to Father George, it's only going to get better.

Wednesday morning in Rome, Father George will meet with well-beloved Pope Francis.

Father George said he will be bringing back a piece of blood-stained cloth from the clothing Saint John Paul II was wearing when a would-be assassin tried to kill him in 1981.

His intention is share it with others of any faith or no faith at all and pray for healing.

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