Potential Parking Fee for Chico Airport Passengers

CHICO, Calif. - Chico Municipal Airport is now proposing a $5 fee for travelers who want to park there for more than four hours.

Parking at the airport has always been free, but City Manager Brian Nakamura says that imposing the fee would help to generate revenue for upgrades at the airport.

The worry is that parking costs will drive consumers away from traveling out of Chico, and encourage them to fly out of a larger airport like Sacramento instead.

Nakamura says those who want to visit the Chico Air Museum, located right next to the airport, can park along side of the road about a block away from the airport if they want to avoid the fee.

A Hertz Rent-a-Car employee who uses the airport parking lot to go into work says that he will now have to park "a block and a half away" so that he won't have to pay the $5.

He thinks the new cost will definitely hamper business in the area.

The Airport Commission will meet at the City Council Chamber tonight at 6 p.m. to discuss the fee.

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