Power Partially Restored In Weaverville; Parts Of Trinity Co. Still In The Dark

WEAVERVILLE, Calif. - Power was restored in parts of Weaverville by around noon Thursday afternoon, but other parts of the county are still in the dark.

All schools and many businesses were closed.

Most people we talked to said they were driving around with heaters on full blast, looking for things to do.

The power outage started early Thursday around 3 a.m.between Weaverville and Junction City.

Trinity Public Utilities District told KRCR Newschannel 7 a main transmission line fell due to the heavy wet snow. The majority of their system is out, affecting between 4500 and 5000 people in Lewiston, Weaverville, Douglas City, Hayfork, and parts of Junction City are without power.

Several schools in Trinity County cancelled classes, including Douglas City Elementary, Trinity High School, Alps View, Weaverville Elementary, and all of the Mountain Valley Unified School District in Hayfork.

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