Pregnant Woman Shot in OIS Talks to KRCR News Channel 7, Says Suspect Never Fired Weapon

COTTONWOOD, Calif. - Michelle Short is the 24-year-old mother of two that took shrapnel to the head Tuesday morning in an officer involved shooting.

Short spoke exclusively to KRCR News Channel 7 Wednesday night about what she says happened after the father of her second child, 49-year-old William Kinyon allegedly took a CHP officer on a pursuit down Happy Valley Road with Short and 29-year-old Wendy Michaels in the vehicle.

According to a report released by the Shasta County Sheriff's Department Wednesday, Kinyon made an evasive u-turn during the chase and fired a handgun at the Officer when the two vehicles passed each other near the Gas Point and Carriage Roads intersection. The officer also returned fire, according to the report. Investigators say Kinyon fired one more shot at the CHP officer before his red truck came to a stop.

Kinyon reportedly exited the vehicle from the driver side door with the handgun is his hand, and threatened the officer after the two women in the car exited out of the passenger side door about 200 yards north from Gas Point Road. Kinyon was shot by the chasing officer and another officer that had arrived on scene.

The officers' names aren't being released because the investigation in ongoing at this time.

Michelle Short, however told us the report wasn't true saying " There was a gun, it never got fired, he never shot at no cop...I was in the truck, trust me and believe if he fired a weapon I would have known it."

The expecting mother also said it was Kinyon who saved her life by keeping her head down when she says an officer fired shots at the truck. "He pushed me down, and if he wouldn't have pushed me down, I probably would have been dead," said Short.

The report did not mention officers firing at the red truck once it had came to a stop.

When we caught up with Short in her mother's Cottonwood home she had one shrapnel wound bandaged above her left temple and another on the left side of her head, which she said still had shrapnel pieces inside. 

Short also said she told Kinyon to take off when the CHP officer attempted to pull the vehicle over, saying "I told billy to go, I told billy don't stop, go until you get away, go."

The interview's final question was: "Looking back on this, would you have done anything differently?" Michelle Short responded by saying, "I wouldn't, I dah told him to run the same."

William Kinyon is recovering in Mercy Medical Center with what Deputies say are non-life threatening injuries. 

The Shasta County Sheriff's Department report made no reference to where Kinyon was wounded or how many times he was shot. However, the report says Kinyon and Short received first aid from the two officers involved in the shooting prior to medical personnel arriving on scene.

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