Program launched to help women create self-sustainability

Redding, Calif. - One Shasta County organization is hoping to give women the tools to create their own opportunities to succeed.

The latest numbers on unemployment shows that Shasta County is at 10.2 percent; and women living in the area are at or below the poverty level, barely making a living wage. Wendy Zanotelli is the president and CEO of United Way of Northern California, the nonprofit has just launched the program "Working Strategies For Women."

"We can lift women up and empower and encourage and provide resources for another woman," said Zanotelli.

The goal is to help women achieve self-sustainability by teaching them how to launch a successful business.

"Anytime you can create jobs and create better economic vitality for a community it's going to improve that community," said Zanotelli.

Women who are accepted into the program will use the game…called know opportunity…which guides players through a 12 week training course

"Get the skills and real life application with what you would face as an entrepreneur starting a business," said Zanotelli.

In addition, the program will provide training, consultation and networking. Upon completion they will be able to act as mentors to the next set of students.

"Perpetuating a cycle of women helping women to be successful," said Zanotelli.

United Way of Northern California received a $10,000.00 grant from the Women's Fund for this program. They are currently taking applications. If you are interested in learning more or applying to the program, visit their website:

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