Pumpkins fall from Butte Hall during annual demonstration

CHICO, Calif. - As they do every Halloween at Chico State, pumpkins fell from the heights of Butte Hall.

For 26 years, the gourds have been dropped from one of the tallest buildings on campus. Hundreds showed up for the event, including local school children and older ones who were passing by.

The Pumpkin Drop is put on by the Society of Physics Students. They dress as historical figures -- including Aristotle and Galileo -- and each explain their theories of gravity.

"We spend a couple of weeks getting together and kind of running through lines and trying to get the timing down on the pumpkins," said society member Sarah Knudsen, who portrayed Sir Isaac Newton. "Although, since we don't have an opportunity to practice with pumpkins, sometimes, it can cause some fun."

As a grand finale, pumpkins were dropped to the cannon blasts of Tchaikovsky's 1812 overture.

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