Quadruplet Cows Born On Glenn County Farm Are 1 in 179 Million

ORLAND, Calif. - A Glenn County farm is celebrating a rare birth. A set of cow quadruplets. The four heifer calves were born December 6th, on a farm owned by the Zuppan family of Orland.

A local veterinarian and U.C. Davis conducted hair tests to confirm they are quadruplets.

Veterinarian Michael Karle of Mid-Valley Veterinary Hospital examined the calves. He said two of the calves are identical twins, (that means they are genetically identical). The other two are fraternal twins.

Karle said the odds of quadruplet calves being born is one in 700,000.

But here's the even more amazing part. The odds of quadruplet calves being born, all female and all alive, are one in 179.2 million.

Karle said the four calves each weighed about 60 to 65 pounds. A normal calf weighs about 80 pounds at birth.

John Zuppan said the Holstein cows will remain on the farm to be used for milking when they grow up.

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