Quake damages Corning olive oil company's Napa store

Quake damages Corning olive oil company's Napa store

NAPA, Calif. - Ripples from the quake that struck the Napa region early Sunday morning are being felt at a Corning olive oil company after hundreds of bottles of product were destroyed at their Napa tasting room.

"I walked into 70-80 percent of our product, which is I'd say a few hundred bottles of award winning extra virgin olive oil and balsamic vinegar, dropped on the floor and about an inch of oil and vinegar covering every square inch of the store," said store manager David Gadlin.

At a prices ranging from $6 to $22, Gadlin says there are thousands of dollars in losses.

Gadlin said the loss of product is one thing, but thankfully the quake hit in the middle of the night when the store was closed.

"It could be a lot worse. People could have gotten hurt. It could have happened when there were staff here, customers here- the building could have come down; a million other variables could have happened."

Lucero Olive Oil owner Dewey Lucero drove down to Napa to survey the damage and help with the cleanup. He's taking the whole ordeal in stride.

"We keep telling people, "Hey, if you've got a big baguette bring it by, there's a lot of dipping to do here," Lucero said.

They're spending the day cleaning up and will hopefully be restocked and reopened in the near future.

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