Rebuilding Continues for Ponderosa Fire Victims

The rebuilding continues for families who lost homes in the Ponderosa Fire.

Pat and Mary Jane White, for instance, were at Manton School when evacuations were in place for the fire. They started cleaning up and clearing out their property the week after the fire.

On their land at the south end of Ponderosa Way, they have now layed the foundation for their garage.

Depending on the rain, they hope to have the garage installed by the end of the week.

They also have an area where their new home will be smoothed out and ready for foundation.

Pat White said that the family is motivated to get it all done.

"You're literally starting completely over," White said, "I mean from having everything you can think of to nothing to starting completely fresh and it's... it's a pretty exciting chapter in life. It's going to be nothing but good."

White said that Tehama County has already approved them for construction.

As long as weather permits, the Whites plan on getting the house built by early spring.

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