Red Bluff City Council Elects New Members

Robert Sheppard Says Lack of Experience Will Be a Catch-22

Red Bluff, Calif. - Yesterday's election brought two new members to the Red Bluff City Council, including one candidate who's never held office before.

Robert Sheppard said he was happy to be done with the campaign and is excited to start working to improve the city of Red Bluff.  But he does have some reservations.

Sheppard said he will work to eliminate some of the deadlock between council members.  And he said that the lagging economy is the biggest issue affecting Red Bluff.

He plans to try to create jobs by proposing new zoning regulations and will take steps to bring a large industrial company to set up shop on the outskirts of Red Bluff.

He also wants to bring more entertainment businesses to the city to give kids more to do.

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