Red Bluff City Council to Decide Whether or Not to Grant Police Overtime Request

Red Bluff City Council to Decide Whether or Not to Grant Police Overtime Request

RED BLUFF, Calif. - The Red Bluff City Council will decide whether to approve a substantial amount of overtime pay for the Red Bluff Police Department on Tuesday night.

"I'm confident that these were reasonable and necessary expenses," Red Bluff City Manager Rick Crabtree said on Tuesday.

He said he has reviewed the  seven page request submitted by Red Bluff Police Chief Paul Nanfito.

It lists the amount of overtime and other unplanned costs used by the department in recent months – specifically, the Marysa Nichols investigation that began in February and continued through March and the officer-involved shooting that happened in April at the Red Bluff Meadows Apartments on Kimball Rd.

"These are both unfortunate events but [they] required our police department to respond appropriately," Crabtree said.

The Nichols' homicide investigation ended up costing more than $21,000, a majority of which would go to overtime pay.

There was also about $200 in supplies, such as bins and gloves.

The officer involved shooting investigation racked up just over $3,300 of overtime.

Crabtree said both of these events were out of the department's control and that the extra expenses were necessary.

"We support the request and we've recommended City Council approve the budget transfer to pay the extra overtime," Crabtree said.

Chief Paul Nanfito also said last week that he believes his department has worked admirably on these cases over the past few months.

For more information on the request, click on the link under our Related Content box to download the PDF documents of the police dept. request.

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