Red Bluff fire human caused, trespassers found on property

RED BLUFF, Calif. - Fire investigators are calling an early morning blaze in Red Bluff human caused.

Evidence was found that squatters had been found on the property on Main Street before the fire broke out around 6:00 a.m. Friday morning.

The destroyed building was once a home and a commercial business but the property's owners said it has been uninhabited for years.

On Friday afternoon Division Chief Matt Shobosh of the Red Bluff Fire Department returned to the scene where the fire broke out, 237 Main Street.

When looking through the home Shobosh found a man inside the destroyed building.

Red Bluff Police responded to the home and a man identified as Jeremy Schulpe, a known transient, was questioned.

Officers did not want to get into specifics about what he was questioned about, but he was issued a citation on a outstanding warrant for failing to appear in court.

Shobosh said he was surprised by the encounter.

"I was very surprised to find someone here. Generally after an emergency happens they don't come back and I was shocked to find someone here," Shobosh explained.

Investigators would not say if they believe Schulpe was involved in the blaze.

The building's property owner also showed up to the scene.

He said the building has been vacant for years and they can't seem to keep squatters out.

All utilities to the building were also turned off.

Shobosh said he has people he needs to track down and interview as the investigation continues.

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