Red Bluff pool office and snack bar ransacked

Three teens arrested after Red Bluff pool ransacked

RED BLUFF, Calif. - Three teenagers were arrested after the City of Red Bluff's pool office and snack bar were ransacked on Thursday morning.

A Red Bluff police officer saw several people running from the area early on Thursday morning and during a search of the scene, they found the door of the snack bar forced open. That led them to check the inside of the fenced pool area where they found three teenagers hiding in the locker room.

Items from the snack bar had been stolen, consumed and damaged.

Red Bluff Public Works Director Bruce Henz said the city is already working on a plan to prevent a theft like this from happening again.

"We've applied for a grant that would bring some survey cameras into River Park and be able to address the pool area as well as some of the other park areas," Henz said. "We've gone through and actually expanded out broadband capabilities so that we could have actually real time access within the police department... so we would actually have real-time 24-hour surveillance at a lot of the pool areas and other places that are impacted by the vandalism."

Henz said they would like to have everything back to normal by the end of the year.

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