Red Bluff Union School Distict seeks new superintendent

RED BLUFF, Calif. - The Red Bluff Joint Union High School District is in search for a new superintendent
after terminating its contract with Lisa Escobar.

In November, the Red Bluff Joint Union High School Teachers Association presented the board with a vote of no confidence in Lisa Escobar's leadership, and on Jan. 15 they terminated her contract.

As of now the school has an interim superintendent, Joe Harrop, who has been a school administrator for 25 years and says his goal is to help things run smoothly until a new superintendent can be found.

"There are various things that need to be addressed, there's always something that needs to be addressed, so that's when that new person comes in, he or she will be able to say OK here's what I need to work on while I'm here," said Harrop.

They are expecting to hire a permanent superintendent by June of this year.

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