Red Cross app keeps people out of danger

Red Cross app keeps people out of danger

In times of natural disasters, the American Red Cross steps in to help those affected.

Severe weather can put the community in danger, especially a tornado like the one that touched down Wednesday evening. Red Cross is standing by to offer their services around the clock in the event of a weather disaster.

The American Red Cross has a free tornado app that alerts users when there is a tornado warning. It relies on information from the National Weather Service and also provides tips on how to prepare for a disaster.

The warning from the American Red Cross tornado app went off Wednesday evening several times as a strong storm cell moved through Glenn and Butte counties.

"The point is to get you up and get you moving so you're not going to be affected by it," said American Red Cross Disaster Program Manager Eric Kiltz.

Kiltz said the goal of the app is to alert the public to any danger so they can get to safety.

"Never know when a tornado is going to hit. So when it hits and there's damage, there's evacuations and people need help. It can get a little crazy," said Kiltz.

Since weather is so unpredictable, Kiltz believes the best thing people can do is plan ahead. He commonly sees people who are not ready for a natural disaster.

"The more that people can help themselves the better we are to help them; and the one thing people can do is to prepare an emergency kit to store things like water, food and medicine," said Kiltz.

The American Red Cross encourages the community to always be prepared and have an action plan in the home, school or workplace.

"Hoping for the best and planning for the worst," said Kiltz.

If you are interested in learning more about the American Red Cross, visit their website:

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