Redding Chamber of Commerce Creates its Own Task Force

REDDING, Calif. - The Greater Redding Chamber of Commerce is doing its part to support local groups dedicated to keeping the city safe by creating a new task force.

The task force's goal is to help improve Redding's business climate and economic health by coordinating efforts with other groups to reduce criminal activity, drug use and panhandling.

President of the Greater Redding Chamber Of Commerce Frank J. Strazzarino, Jr. said this task force will benefit the community in a big way.

"The Chamber Of Commerce now has its own task force to support the groups, to attend their meetings but also do those support activities – distributing posters, answering questions and just giving general support and encouragement to the people that are working hard to keep our community very safe and clean," said Strazzarino.

The chamber has 900 members and it will be sending out newsletters every Tuesday to inform its members of issues going on in the community.

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