Redding gets ready for the rain storm

REDDING, Calif. - Employees at Sunrise Excavating are no strangers to the impact of severe weather, which is why they are offering unlimited sandbags and sand at no cost to those who need them.

"We just wanted to help people , its supposed to be a really bad storm," says Ryan Garrett, Vice President of Sunrise Excavating. "In the past we've had problems with flooding personally so we just wanted to do things to help out."

New Redding residents appreciate the offer.

"I haven't lived in Redding that long its kind of our first experience", says Eric Matayoshi. " It's kind of new to us but it's pretty basic to fill up sand bags and try to cover up the water."
Other places in town were also offering sand and bags, but in limited quantities. People gathered to help those that needed the help.

"I came down here and there was just a bunch of people out here like a lot of elderly folks , a lot of single moms that were out here kind of having a hard time with it so I thought I'd come back out," says Blake Mason.  "I did like 100 bags yesterday and I thought I'd come back out get a couple bags for friends of mine and just help out the people that need some help."

PG&E crews were also out preparing. They are fully staffed and ready for whatever the weather brings. Also offering some useful tips. They say to make sure that you stay away from downed power lines. Also make sure you always carry a flashlight with fresh batteries on hand.

"It's better to be prepared then to wait too long , obviously they're calling for I think 13 inches of rain through Sunday," says Garrett. "Definitely do what you can to keep your area clear, you know leaves, other debris things like that, you can even dig small ditches to divert water from your down spouts and stuff and that might help as well."
There are a number of other places you can go to get sand bags as well. Just look at our ‘As Seen On" section.

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