Redding man dies in RV fire

REDDING, Calif. - A Redding man died in an RV fire at the Riverside Mobile Home Park.

The Redding Fire Department got the call around 12:15 early Wednesday morning. Fire crews say the fifth wheel RV was nearly engulfed in flames when they arrived.

A neighbor, Randy Hogue, had tried to help put out the fire.

"I just saw a flash through my window and heard a commotion," said Hogue. "There had been a barbecue or something earlier so the noise wasn't a big factor until it got closer and louder. Once I opened my door I saw the flames and grabbed a fire extinguisher and went next door. It really didn't do a heck of a lot. We got some water going on it and tried to get the guy out."

Investigators are still looking into the cause of the fire.

The identity of the victim has not been released.

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