Redding Man Ranked Seventh in World Crossfit Competition

Redding, Calif. - A sixty year old Redding man is competing against top athletes from around the globe.

Richard Henson is ranked seventh in the world in the Crossfit games.

The games are a race to complete a group of exercises of a set number of reps in the shortest amount of time.  Each finishing place is assigned a point and the winner has the most points at the end of the competition.

Henson has been working out at Crossfit five-thirty in Redding for just under a year.

His trainers say his workouts are pretty intense.

We talked to Richard on the phone and he says when he started just under a year ago he couldn't do one pull up.

Now he does 25 to 30 in a row.

He's also lost thirty-two pounds since starting to at Crossfit.

The Crossfit games start on Friday.  You can watch them on ESPN3 starting at 2:15.

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