'Redding on the Rise' according to Mayor Rick Bosetti

'Redding on the Rise' according to Mayor Rick Bosetti

REDDING, Calif. - Things are better than they were four years ago, that was the message of Mayor Rick Bosetti's speech at the State of the City luncheon.

Bosetti spent the better part of a half hour extolling the progress that the city has made in the four years since the last time he was mayor, declaring that Redding is strong and poised to continue to rise in the years ahead.

He cited physical growth, like the Win River Hotel and Casino expansion, a new Dick's Sporting Goods store, the renovation of Redding Municipal Airport and more.

Work continues to update the infrastructure and still to come are new police facilities and City Hall.

Even the very building where the presentation took place, the Civic Auditorium, now operated by Advance Redding, is making the city money. One negative is that starting next year, pension payments will jump and the city must find the money to pay them.

Before the mayor's speech, Dean Haug was honored with the past mayor's philanthropist award. He will be 90 years old in a few weeks. He was wounded in war at 18 and he promised that if he survived, any money that he made in his life, he would give back.

Frank Strazzarino was honored for his 20 years as Chamber of Commerce President.

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