Redding Police Arrest a Man for Murdering His Brother with a Dumbbell

REDDING, Calif. - Redding Police arrested a man who they say murdered his older brother with a dumbbell.  The victim's body was finally found three days later.

The suspect Stephen Carver, 50, was arrested around 3:30 p.m. Tuesday in the 1000 block of East Cypress Avenue.

Investigators say he confessed to arguing with his brother on Friday, August 10 at the brothers' apartment in the 3500 block of Churn Creek Road.  Police said Carver admitted to beating Gregory Carver, 55, over the head several times with a metal dumbbell.  One neighbor reported seeing Stephen Carver ride off on a bicycle.

Officers were called to the apartment three days later to do a welfare check.  A neighbor had become concerned when Gregory Carver didn't answer his door for several days.  Around 8 p.m. Monday officers entered the apartment and found Gregory Carver dead.

Neighbors told KRCR Newschannel 7 Stephen Carver had been living with Gregory for about a year. They believe that he was a recovering addict and was living with his older brother for support.

Emil Johansen has lived in the complex for six years and has spent time with both brothers. He said Gregory was always very friendly and had a passion for classic cars.  Johansen had many conversations with Stephen, and said he never seemed like the violent type.

"I talked to him several times but I didn't expect anything like this. To me, he was a nice guy," Johansen said.

Another neighbor said she heard the brothers fighting on Friday and then saw Stephen Carver take off on a bike.

She said she didn't think much of it because the Carvers would regularly argue. Over the weekend, she came to Gregory's multiple times to return some movies she had borrowed. When nobody answered, she started to get worried.

After discovering the body Monday night, Redding Police issued a news release which said they were looking for Stephen Carver.

He was located and arrested Tuesday afternoon.  He's held in the Shasta County Jail on $1 million dollars bail.

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