Redding Police Looking for Suspects of Indiscriminate Shooting

REDDING, Calif. - Police are looking for two people who may be connected to a reported shooting that happened on Friday around midnight in Redding.

Redding Police responded around 12 a.m. to an 'indiscriminate shooting' of a firearm, but after arriving, could not determine whether a shooting had actually occurred.

At 10 a.m. the same day, 55-year-old Megan Crandell called the police and told officers that her black 2007 Lincoln MKX had multiple bullet holes in it. She told them she did not know why anyone would shoot her car.

A witness to the shooting indicated that a white male adult wearing dark clothing and riding a bicycle, fled the area after the reported shooting. This same witness indicated also mentioned that a white female adult (23-25 years old) with blond hair walked away from the area after the reported incident.

Redding Police asks that anyone with information regarding this incident should contact them.

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