Redding Police Officer Breaks His Own DUI Arrest Record More Than One Month Before Year Ends

Redding Police Officer Breaks His Own DUI Arrest Record One Month Before Year Ends

REDDING, Calif. -

Jacob Provencio of the Redding Police Department marked a dubious milestone the night of Sunday, November 25th. His 203rd DUI arrest. That's one more of the number of DUI arrests Provencio says he made in 2011.

There's 33 days and nights left for the DUI specialist, who was honored by Mother's Against Drunk Driving (MADD) last year, to well surpass 203 arrests.

The news of his record was a disappoint to the head of Shasta County MADD, Anne Berit who said, "When we think we are making progress…and thinking we're seeing reduced numbers and we take a step back and the numbers go up. It's really frustrating."

Redding Police officers are noticing a change in the type of DUI arrests they're making, which may be associated with just alcohol. When KRCR News Channel 7 met with Provencio at Police headquarters Wednesday night, he told us, "About 25 percent of the arrests that I've made don't involve alcohol." Provencio says DUI arrests made by other officers on the force are seeing the same percentage.

The veteran officer, who will start his ninth year with the Redding Police Department in January, says about 1 in 4 drivers is either under the influence of marijuana or prescription pills. 

Provencio is one of four officers with the Redding Police Department who is a certified Drug Recognition Expert, or DRE. Officers with DRE training can detect impaired drivers who have used drugs like marijuana or prescription pills. 

Provencio offered his solution to reduce DUI arrests, specifically drivers getting behind the wheel while under the influence of prescription medication. He said, "Where we can make the biggest impact is when we talk about prescription medication and making people aware of the danger."

Jacob Provencio DUI Arrest Record, According to Redding Police.

2005: 7 (Joined the Department, Previously an Officer with Red Bluff Police)

2006: 26

2007: 39

2008: 109 (Year Certified as Drug Recognition Expert, DRE)

2009: 106

2010: 65 (Injured, missed several months of patrol due to knee injury)

2011: 202

2012: 203 as of 11/27/2012


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