Redding Raley's location closed after 30 years of business

Redding Raley's location closed after 30 years of business

Raley's Supermarket on Hartnell Ave. in Redding officially closed Saturday afternoon.

Raley's corporate office warned of the closing several months ago, but many customers were still disappointed that the longtime grocery store is shuttering its windows.

Raley's had been a staple in the community for 30 years.

Twenty people are losing their jobs and 38 people will be transferred to Raley's Red Bluff location.

However, according to Clay McFarland, the store's district manager, the 20 people losing their jobs will have a strong likelihood of being rehired at the Red Bluff location in the next year.

For its last day of business the supermarket closed at 1 p.m.

Many of the shelves were already empty, or close to it, as workers packed up the few remaining contents.

McFarland said the decision to close was a hard one.

"Today is a very tough day saying goodbye to our customers of over 30 years and our employees," said McFarland.

"It was a very tough decision made but for the future outlook of this store it's just not financially contributing to the entity of this company. The decision had to be made for the entire company to make sure we are a viable part of northern California business," McFarland continued.

Many customers were seen hugging and shaking hands with employees as they said their goodbyes.

Raley's is asking customers to shop at their Lake Boulevard location in Redding.

McFarland denied the closure was because the employees at the Redding location were part of a union.

Raley's will completely give up its location in the Cobblestone Shopping Center by the end of May.

There has been some speculation that a gym will take its location.

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