Redding Rodeo Week: Lone Stranger makes off with loot

REDDING, Calif. - Redding Rodeo week events kicked off Monday with the mock bank robbery by the Lone Stranger and sidekick.    The Asphalt Cowboys pursued the suspects from the Tri Counties Bank on Hilltop Drive in Redding.

Follow the clue below to locate the hidden loot in the Redding area.

Loot Clue #1:

"It's like where you find oranges but oranges don't rhyme, you are now eligible to move, and that rhymes with stove, take your time."

You can also guess the identity of the Lone Stranger and sidekick.  Call (530) 223-1188 to guess.

Strangers Clue #1:

"The strangers used a boot to steal the loot, but the trigger-quick asphalt cowboys can't be topped when they play cop.  You can't stop a power drop."

Events continue all week, for a schedule of events log onto

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