Redding Rodeo Week: Lone Stranger unmasked

REDDING, Calif. - The Lone Stranger and Sidekick have been identified as part of Redding Rodeo Week.

Charlie Destafano wins $100 for correctly identifying the Lone Stranger as Dan Wait, owner of Wait Roofing and Seamless Gutter. 

The sidekick is Jim Lamanna, a former REU electric meter supervisor who is active in the Asphalt Cowboys and Sons of Italy.

We've listed all the clues below so you can see how Destafano was able solve the mystery.

Clue #1: "The strangers used a boot to steal the loot but the trigger quick asphalt cowboys can't be topped when they play cop.  You can't stop a power drop."

Clue #2: "The Pope's in play, not Shasta County's own. We'll cover their escape and make them groan. Maybe a flight, maybe a is the time to have some fun."

Clue #3: "Robert Edwards Unger was the initial crook...he'll hang out his shingle for you to look!"

Clue #4: "Fiddler on the Roof, the lights are off...the strangers were last seen in a loft.  Sing "Jim Dandy to the Rescue", but sing it soft."

Clue #5: "We can't wait for a local resident... we're waiting for the arrival of an Italian president."

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