Redding sees blood supply shortage

Redding sees blood supply shortage

REDDING, Calif. - BloodSource in Redding is reporting an extremely low blood supply.

The non-profit said that supplies are typically low in the summer, but the problem seems to be even more drastic in Redding.

"Right now we're suffering from no donors at all coming in," said BloodSource Regional Director Joe Ayer. "I think we're suffering from schools being out, high schools and colleges, people on vacation, and people are forgetting to come in and give blood."

Ayer said there is no emergency, but BloodSource wants to keep it that way.

BloodSource collects roughly the same amount of blood that is used in the community and the hospitals have needed more than usual this summer.

There are requirements to be eligible for donation including: you must be age 16 with a parents' permission or age 17 and older, you must be in generally good health and you must weigh at least 110 pounds.

BloodSource is located on Park Marina Drive in Redding. You can stop by to donate during operating hours.


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