Redding ski shop feels pain from drought, still peddling profits

REDDING, Calif. - Walking into Sports LTD on Hilltop Drive, one could think it's summer time.

Sale signs stand above dozens of winter clothing racks and the culprit is the dry weather.

"This year is definitely a hard kick in the teeth. I've never seen it this dry and this harsh," said ski shop manager, Curtis Stevenson.

The self described skiing enthusiast has been behind the counter for more than 15 years and says the winter season accounts for about 50 percent of the store's business.
Stevenson said shops all over the state are feeling the pinch.

"All the ski shop people that I talked to from here all the way down to Mammoth are struggling and fightin'. They've got the same concerns we do," said Stevenson.

Despite the poor conditions in the ski department, the store is still having a decent ride because of bicycles.
The head of bicycle operations, John Stein, said, "We're trying to make some lemonade out of lemons and {we're} succeeding. It's been just phenomenally busy.

Stein said his department usually picks up traction during March, April, and May, but they've been slammed since Christmas.

Stein said, "When it's 70 degrees, you gotta ride."

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