Residents homeless after tree limb crushes roof

Residents homeless after tree limb crashes down

CHICO, Calif. - Residents of a duplex in Chico are homeless after a huge tree limb came down on their roof Saturday afternoon.

Much of the tree remained crashed through the roof on Chestnut Street Sunday morning after tree crews had worked well into the night before trying to get it removed.

Some of the residents were home at the time of the accident, including a baby who was sleeping on a couch inside, but fortunately nobody was injured.

Word is they're being taken care of by the American Red Cross.

The tree actually stands in next door neighbor Christy Sullivan's backyard.
She said this is not the first time the tree has dropped a limb and damaged property. Years ago a limb fell on her house and did serious damage to a bedroom while more recently a limb destroyed a garage and fence.

Sullivan said she's taken measure recently to have it trimmed.

"A month ago had a tree trimmer come out and look at it some more, he cut off some branches," Sullivan said.

She said she'll have even more work done following Saturday's accident.
"I love the tree, it's very special, but I have to make sure we maintain the integrity of the tree and the safety of the neighborhood," she said.

Sullivan said the huge Valley Oak tree's trunk has a circumference of 22 feet and is well over 100 years old. She said it's one of the oldest in Chico.

Another neighbor says the man who owns the duplex had just finished a remodel on the building.

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