Retiring Northstate football coach opens door for younger option

Retiring Northstate head football coach discusses decision

CITY OF SHASTA LAKE, Calif. - After more than three decades coaching football, a Northstate leader is stepping down.

Central Valley High School head coach Matt Hunsaker is stepping down, but said the decision did not have much to do with football. In this day and age of high school athletics, he said his time was being split between normal football duties and stuff off the field.

"26 years of being the head guy and 34 years of high school football. It was time for me to let some other guy take over and run the show," Hunsaker said.

The head coach has made the rounds in the Northstate. He has molded young minds from Big Valley High School more than a decade ago to Central Valley High School, where he won a CIF Northern Section title.

He will be stepping down as the head coach of the Falcons, an announcement that his coaching staff could see coming.

"I don't think it was a total shock to them, some of the ones that are closer to me," Hunsaker said. "When I called the first staff meeting, they knew what I was going to say."

The nature of the game has caught up to Hunsaker. He said it is no longer just "X's and O's."

"If you're not fundraising you're not coaching." - Coach Hunsaker

"I started coaching back when fundraising was just a nice little additive, and now it's a mainstay. If you're not fundraising you're not coaching," he said.

According to Hunsaker, the time off is limited. Games end in November and then it is a quick transition into year-round duties.

"If I was coaching again we'd already have meetings, we'd have our calendar set, and you'd already have ordered jerseys," Hunsaker said.

He said he would likely still be coaching if it was only a matter of football-related activities.

"I'm old and I've been through some of what was before," said the coach. "So it's time for a young guy to come in and not know what it was like before and deal with all those other things."

Central Valley will likely look outside the area for its next head football coach. Hunsaker said that the administration is not involving him in the decision-making process. He said they hope to start the interview process in April.

Hunsaker will likely remain at the school, hoping to continue as wrestling coach. It is a job with much less pressure, he said. When it comes to his future in football he will look to stay in the leadership role.

"I think I could do a good job with the freshmen. Show them how to put their pants on, and go from there," he said.

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