Rice Grower Responds to Arsenic Concerns

RICHVALE, Calif. - A Northstate Rice Grower is responding to customer concerns about a study regarding arsenic in rice.

The new study by Consumer Reports says you should limit how much rice you eat after the magazine found alarming levels of arsenic.

The new study says that eating rice just once a day can drive arsenic levels in the human body up 44 percent.

And taking in that second portion--could lead to a 70 percent increase.

Arsenic is a known carcinogen linked to lung and bladder cancer.

The study found lower arsenic levels in rice grown here in California, and higher levels in rice grown in southern states. 

The less healthy white rice actually poses a *smaller risk to consumers than its brown counterpart.

That's because arsenic is most prevalent in the outer layers of the grain.

Butte County rice grower Lundberg Family Farms has posted information about information about arsenic in rice on their website.

It includes a video by the company's CEO .

The company says that arsenic naturally occurs in rice and that the FDA has not found a link between rice consumption and illnesses associated with arsenic.

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