School district changes student pick-ups and drop offs

ANDERSON, Calif. - Concerned parents reached out  after finding that a Meadowlane Elementary kindergarten student had gotten on the wrong bus and wandered around the wrong neighborhood until a good Samaritan called 911.

Processes to ensure a child does not board the wrong bus have been in place but are now being bolstered.

Cascade Union Elementary School District's Superintendent, Dr. Baljinder Dhillon said, the district has always had protocols  and they are now improving them by adding color coding to the children's identification tags along with a  photo. Along with that they will add dividers to separate the students and line them up with the correct bus. 

The Anderson Police Department has also been working closely with the district.

The Anderson Police Department made a point to have their school resource officer work on his days off to make sure everything is in order.

Lieutenant Rocky Harpham said those two combinations should make a difference.

"It's going to help ensure that the kids are getting on the right bus and getting to the right locations," said Lieutenant Harpham. "When you're dealing with kids that age, they are everywhere, with these guidelines in place it will improve what's been happening in the past."

The district will be holding an assembly at each school to educate students on the new protocols.  Lieutenant Harpham also said if parents don't see a change and are concerned they can contact Lieutenant Rocky Harpham at (530) 378-6611.

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