‘Second Home' changing location, name and service model

REDDING, Calif. - A voluntary drop-in site for people struggling with mental illness in Redding is changing locations and how they help clients.

Second Home is a non-profit organization operated by Northern Valley Catholic Social Services and under contract with Shasta County.

The non-profit will move from a location in downtown Redding on California Street across town to Churn Creek Road, next to the Shasta County Health and Human Services Regional Office.

Their new name will be the Olberg Wellness Center named in honor of Mark Olberg, a client who recently died.

NVCSS Development Director Jake Mangas said they're trying to make the way they interact with the patients more effective.

"We're focusing on having those that come to utilize the service actively participate in their wellness and recovery plan," Mangas said. "That's the main difference from a drop-in center, where anyone could come in at anytime and choose to participate or choose not to participate."

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