Second Suspect Returned To Shasta County For Attack On Pregnant Woman

REDDING, Calif. - The second of three suspects accused of attacking a pregnant woman on the Sacramento River Trail is now in jail in Shasta County.

Jeffery Walton, 20 of Ventura, was booked into custody Tuesday night.  Walton is a Marine stationed at Camp Pendleton near San Diego, and is held on $1 million dollars bail.

Redding Police said Walton and a fellow Marine Lance Swann, 20 of Anderson, attacked the mother of Swann's unborn baby on the Sacramento River Trail in June.  The mother Nicole Vultaggio, 18 of Redding, was eight months pregnant at the time.

Police said Vultaggio was punched, choked, and kicked in the stomach during the attack near the Sundial Bridge. Despite the attack, the baby was delivered early and is healthy.

Lance Swann was taken into custody at Camp Pendleton and expected to be returned to Shasta County this week.

A third suspect Erica Swann, 29 of Anderson, is Lance Swann's cousin. She was walking with Vultaggio at the time of the attack. Police said she helped plan the attack and texted her cousin when the approached the area where the attack happened.

All three suspects face charges of attempted murder, conspiracy and robbery.

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