Self Defense Class Fundraiser Held for Marysa Nichols' Family

Self Defense Class Fundraiser Held for Marysa Nichols' Family

REDDING, Calif. - A women's self defense class was held Saturday morning to raise money for Marysa Nichols' family.

She is the 14-year-old girl who was recently murdered in Red Bluff.

More than 100 women and girls gathered at Team Quest in Redding for the donation only class. It was sponsored by a handful of local groups, including the Redding Police Department.

Jeremy Johnson coached the group with the help of Redding Police Officer Chris Hunt. He instructs a variety of classes, including Monster Camp, which is a youth violence prevention class.

He told us while it's upsetting to see so much violence across the Northstate, it's a reality. "A lot of domestic violence. A lot of assaults on the street. We just want to be very proactive and empowering to the women in our community to be able to take the streets back," Johnson said.

His lesson for women is to be aware of dangerous situations before they happen.

"We look behind us. We look around us. We're aware of our surroundings while we're walking to our car. We've got our pepper spray in one hand and we've got our keys in the other hand," Johnson said.

He told us no matter the purpose for coming, the goal was to have each woman walk out feeling safer and confident that they can defend themselves. "Just standing your ground and letting these people know that you know you'll fight for yourself; you'll protect yourself if you have to," Johnson said.

He will be hosting a similar class for women on Fridays for only $5.

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