Sequester Cuts Could Hurt Seniors Who Rely on Meals on Wheels

REDDING, Calif. - Federal sequester cuts are proving painful for the Meals on Wheels program, a non-profit that serves many seniors in the Northstate, providing food for them.

The Meals On Wheels program already took a five percent federal funding cut. The ratio may sound like a small number, but for the program, it's a lot.

That five percent means the program is losing about 14,000 meals this year.

The program serves about 300 meals a day which is a total of 72, 000 per year. The program says that what worries them is that thirty-five percent of the seniors they serve are 85-years-old or older, and those in that category rely heavily on Meals On Wheels.

"The seniors are not only going to miss out on the nutrition but that daily check from the delivery driver," said Shasta Senior Nutrition Programs Executive Director Debbie McClung. "What we're trying to do is encourage neighbors and people to check on them so they wont be isolated."

The program is encouraging people to volunteer.

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