Shane Miller's wife sought domestic violence help days before her death

REDDING, Calif. - The wife of triple murder suspect  Shane Miller had sought help for domestic violence just days before her death.

Sandy Miller, 34, sought help at the Shasta Women's  Refuge two weeks before she and her two young daughters were murdered at their home in Shingletown.  Sandy's body was found the night of May 7 along with the couple's two daughters Shelby, 8, and Shasta, 5.

Shane Miller disappeared after the killings.  His vehicle was found in Humboldt County the next day but since then there's been no sign of Miller.

Refuge officials said Sandy Miller filled out a questionnaire and spoke with a domestic violence advocate.  But she declined an offer to stay at the shelter.

The shelter protects the identity of women who come to them for help.  Officials said they released Miller's name because she was killed and her death has been highly publicized.

Shane Miller is wanted in the shooting deaths of his wife and two daughters.

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