Shasta County Board of Supervisors a highly contested race

REDDING, Calif. - The Shasta County Board of Supervisors will see a change this coming election; three candidates are running for the District 5 position.

District 5 covers southern and eastern Shasta County, spanning from Anderson and part of Cottonwood all the way to Shingletown.

All three candidates are former Anderson City Council members. For a brief time, they were all Anderson City Council members at the same time.

All three candidates had a different answer when asked what they considered to be the biggest issue facing Shasta County.

Incumbent Les Baugh, who is running for his third term, said public safety is at the top of his list.

"I'm advocating for ten new deputies, we've already got one new one on the list in the application form. It's been approved by the board," Les Baugh said. "We just signed our design contract, moving forward with the additional jail beds, and will continue to rehabilitate, and that's the key word. Rehabilitate. Change the paradigm for Shasta County."

Another candidate, Rodney Jones, is a retired arson investigator. He said that so-called victimless crimes shouldn't be crimes at all. He also said that if there weren't arrests made in these crimes, there would be more space in the jail.

Jones also said he would bring jobs to the county by retooling vacant mills to process hemp.

"We told the Board of Supervisors four years ago, industrial hemp is coming," Jones said. "Get your studies done, get them ready, so when it becomes legal we implement the studies. How many studies have been done on industrial hemp? Okay, that's exactly my point."

The third candidate is Butch Schaefer, a retired deputy marshal. He said that creating jobs is the key to keeping our children and grandchildren here.

"The way I want to approach this is the possibility of reducing our building fees for awhile," Schaefer said. "Not giving them away, but to lower them to make it affordable so people can afford to build, because the state of California is not business friendly. So I think we have to market Shasta County that we're friendly toward business, and we want you to come here.

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