Shasta County home with explosives could burn Sunday

Shasta County Sheriff Tom Bosenko announced that the home on Chapparal Drive could be incinerated as soon as Sunday, weather permitting.

The man who lives there, 64-year-old D Ray East was released from the hospital. He was taken there last week after he nearly blew his hand off. East has not been arrested.

Sheriff Bosenko held an informational meeting Friday night at the National Guard Armory in Redding to address evacuees' concerns. Mandatory evacuations are in effect for neighbors living within 2,000 feet of the home, although not all have left. About 60 homes are affected.

"Hoping they are putting all the safety precautions in place that we'll have our home there when we go back," said evacuee Leanna Dobson.

Leanna Dobson and her family live two doors down from the home of D Ray East. She's relieved to have an end in sight.

"The sooner the better because that will start the process in order to get all of us back into our homes," said Dobson.

Sheriff Bosenko explained the process of burning down the home on Chaparral Drive. This multi-agency plan could have residents returning as soon as Friday if all goes according to plan with the Sunday incineration.

"I would like to get back to my house already been out for a week and a couple days, we just want to go home," said evacuee Jamie Gambill.

Jamie Gambill and his family live four homes over. He is pleased with the way officials have been handling the situation and is confident with their plan and quick actions throughout the investigation.

"If we didn't have them who knows maybe he would have blown up the whole neighborhood," said Gambill.

While some residents are pleased with the sheriff's investigation, they're not too happy with their neighbor East.

"He has caused havoc and disruption in all of our lives," said Dobson.

A temporary no fly zone is established over the Shasta County home where deputies found more than 60 pounds of explosives. Planes will be prohibited from the area starting at 5 a.m. Saturday until 6 p.m. Friday.


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