Shasta County Supervisors Approve Next Year's Realignment Plan

REDDING, Calif. - The realignment plan that Shasta County supervisors originally rejected in August has now been altered and approved.

Chief Probation Officer Wes Forman discussed the plan in greater detail at Tuesday morning's meeting. He said they are pushing to have more treatment programs and more supervision for offenders.

Among several other things, Forman said there will be help in working with parolees social and behavior skills to help them find jobs.

After hearing Forman's presentation, the board voted and approved the plan.

"I was disappointed last time that it didn't pass but providing that extra detail or whatever was important and so today I am very pleased that we were able to accomplish what they asked of us," Forman said.

In the meeting, Forman said the entire community is working toward making the program work. He said there has already been a great deal of improvement and that this approval will help further that.

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