Shasta Lake Residents Ask Councilmember To Step Down

Shasta Lake, Calif. - Shasta Lake Councilmember Dolores Lucero was served with the first papers in the recall effort right before the city council meeting Monday night.

The notice of intention to circulate a recall petition for Councilmember Lucero was backed by twenty voters in the City of Shasta Lake. Those proponents of the recall say ever since Lucero was elected, they have had problems. Don Spurgeon and Brandy King were the two community members who delivered the letter to Lucero, and spoke during the council meeting to express their desire to see Lucero removed. Some people say they are ready to see Lucero go because of her poor performance in office.

Community volunteer Lori Chapman-Sifers said, ?Ms. Lucero in our opinion is not of the community, for the community or by the community. She no longer represents this community, we built a consensus, the general population is not happy with her. We require our councilmembers to be ethical and courageous leaders and she is not fulfilling that obligation to the people.?

Councilmember Lucero now has a week to respond by writing a statement and submitting that to the city. Lucero told KRCR that she does not feel threatened by this recall.

Lucero said, ?I think its retaliation for questioning the staff asking them questions and for public records.?

The Councilmember believes she is being targeted for trying to hold the council accountable of their wrongdoings. Lucero told KRCR that for years certain members have misused city funds and lied to voters. She says the truth will come out in the end.

It could take up to four months before any formal action is taken on this recall for the Councilmember. The first part was serving the notice of intention to recall the elected official. Next, the elected official has 7 days to give a written response. After that, the petition is circulated to gather around 1,222 signatures within 60 days. The city and county have to verify the signatures to make sure they are registered voters in the city. If they are sufficient, then the county clerk submits it to the city council during a regular meeting to set up the special election. Last, the City of Shasta Lake voters decide whether they want to remove Councilmember Lucero from office.

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