Shasta's Most Wanted record holder back in jail

REDDING, Calif. - Jake Cassidy holds the record for the longest time evading law enforcement after being placed on the Shasta County's Most Wanted list.

For six months he eluded capture while Shasta County officers looked for him.  When he was finally captured he was put on the work release program.

Cassidy was given an ankle bracelet, a curfew and he was assigned to work off his sentence under the supervision of Shasta County Sheriff's deputies.  But Cassidy has now been charged with escaping.

According to Sheriff's deputies, escaping means a couple different things than the classic definition.  They said an escape charge includes tampering or removing an ankle bracelet or just letting the battery die.

It can also mean being somewhere you aren't supposed to be, or out past curfew and that what happened with Cassidy.  Sergeant Mitchell with Shasta County Sheriff's office said Cassidy was both out after curfew and allowed his GPS tracker's battery to die.

Add to that some unmarked pills and drug paraphernalia that was discovered on him while he was on work detail and it all landed him a quick trip to Shasta County Jail.

Officials said that as of this writing Cassidy is still behind bars.

Sgt. Mitchell said that of the approximately 250 inmates in the work release program this year, fewer than 10 have escaped and they are seeing an 80 to 90 percent show rate every day.

That means that it's exceedingly rare for anyone to escape from the work release program, and just as rare for someone on work release to not show up

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