Sixteen Participate in Chico's 15th Annual Pumpkinhead Contest

CHICO, Calif. - Competitors were up early on Fri. to stand on milk crates with jack-o-lanterns on their heads for the Pumpkinhead in the Plaza contest put on by Z Rock radio.

At 7:30 a.m., 16 participants came to Chico City Plaza hoping to win $1,000 and a 1999 Oldsmobile -- the prize for being the last "pumpkinhead" standing. During the contest, judges make competitors do silly dances and poses to knock them off balance.

Last year's winner, Spencer Silva, was at the contest on Fri. Last year, Silva lasted 11.5 hours on his milk crate.

He said if he wins again today, he plans to sell the car and use the prize money to build an art piece.

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