Snow storm leaves its mark on the Northstate, black ice

REDDING, Calif. - A snow storm hit the Northstate hard Friday night. And even though the storm is over and much of the snow has cleared, the melting process has created a new problem.

Black ice has caused many drivers to lose control and many have slipped because of the slippery sheet of ice.

"If you're out in your yards or at your homes, on the sidewalk just be careful of that ice cause obviously the snow is melting," said Kevin Colburn, fire prevention specialist with CAL FIRE.

CAL FIRE said it's important to shut down your sprinklers and cover pipes. And if there is a lot of snow still surrounding your home, you can add de-icer.

"You can always put salt down to dissolve any ice and snow, that way it does melt it," said Colburn.

When on the road there are also things you can do stay safe. One common thing CHP said they've seen when drivers hit black ice is losing control of their vehicle.

"They panic and hit the breaks and turn real hard. You don't want to make any sudden movements," said California Highway Patrol Officer Matthew Thompson.

CHP said to keep enough room between you and the car in front. And take extra precaution when driving on bridges and overpasses, which tend to freeze the fastest.

If you're not sure if a road has black ice, CHP said there is one way to tell.

"The roadway surface changes colors, it appears to be wet but if  the car in front of you is not throwing any spray on the ground and its cold there's a good chance that it might be freezing," said Officer Thompson.

Cal Trans said they are working hard to keep those roads clear by using two different methods, liquid de-icer and salt and sand.

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